Green Exodus Updates & events

Dear friends and members of the Green Exodus Community, 

We are glad to share that Green Exodus has been welcomed as a new ministry within the United Church of Canada.  This has provided us with some allocated funding for three years pending the ongoing  generative nature of our work. 

What is happening as a result?  

Introducing the people who are Green Exodus

Please check out the About Us tab above for bios.

Advisory Team 

  • Greg Wooley, Minster Ralph Connor United Church
  • Tony Snow, Indigenous Lead Chinook Winds Region
  • Beth Lorimer, Kairos, 
  • Liz Rees
  • Robin Hope Galey

Lead Animator Sarah Arthurs, 

Facilitators and Guides

  • Liz Rees 
  • Jess McNally 
  • Tonya Layley 
  • Robin Hope Galey 
  • Tony Snow 
  • Sarah Arthurs

Participants from Alberta, BC and across Canada 

Fiscal agent and incubator: Ralph Connor Memorial United Church 

Emerging partnerships: Newo, Chinook Winds Region, Faith and The Common Good, Kairos, The United Church (National Office), Calgary Climate Hub 

What are we doing?

Lots of lovely things! For more details check out the Events tab.

  • The Deep Time Series: We have been anticipating for some time the opportunity to contemplatively engage with the origins of the universe and let that contemplation permeate our experience of the divine. Select Sundays at 7:00 pm.
  • Sits With the Planet continues, we have been meeting on Thursdays between 8 – 8:30 am since September 2021. There are introductory sessions on the first Thursday of the month at 7:45 am. We will provide an orientation to meditation and introductions.

During Lent we will offer a program which was piloted last year: 

  • Lent Lectio ’23: Use the process of contemplative reading, in community,  to join the story of Jesus during Lent.
  • Good Friday, Robin and Sarah are working on a Stations of the Cross from the perspective of the Earth and Climate Crisis and on Earth Day, April 22, we are hosting a Deep time Walk. We would love to work with members of the GE community to plan these two events. Please let us know if you are interested.  
  • In May and June, Green Exodus will be going outside, of course! We look forward to Wild Wanders and Poetry Plein Aire