Haiku festival

Mist in the valley
Alberta blue sky
Lazy afternoon

Green foil unwrapped
Bitter sweetness
Soul food

Clouds are racing
Dogs are barking
Time stands still

Alicia Dykstra

Soft brown fields
Mountain tops awash in bright pink
Fire within burns

Busy bees dust themselves with crocus pollen
I walk and pause, in relationship with the land
Even the dried thistles have their place

I pause on a dirt path
Tiny, black, hard shelled, bug glistens 
I look at my feet in wonder

Cathie Kernaghan

after a rain
the daffodils
all with bent heads

cliff edge walk
with corgis
the eagle stares us down

at the crossroads
snowy evening

(after Robert Frost)

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

tiny womb worlds 
suspended end of a branch 
due date soon 

gull cry 
sharp slice of a sound 
opening the sky 

kicked up leaves twirl 
one last line dance
across the parking lot

Sarah Arthurs

my shovel lies on the deck
last week it stood in snow
it can no longer stand

snow on the deck
this morning, just a dusting
I add flour to the list

brittle, hollow hollyhock stalks
and the drab headstones of sunflowers
just last spring I walked in Rome

Tonya Lailey