In our Green Exodus Gatherings we have been considering our personal land stories and land acknowledgements. Suzanne V. took that challenge (Thank you, Suzanne!) and responded with the following words and artifacts (pictured): 

The red basket, for fire, has a lava rock in it.
It represents the earth’s core of molten lava, flowing and erupting.
We have a heart core (coeur) and we flow with lifeblood inside.

The green basket is for land that covers the earth.
In it we plant seeds that produce life-giving food.
These plants also have a core with new seeds hidden inside.

The blue basket is for water that surrounds the land in its embrace.
It creates the clouds that hold the water that falls as rain and snow,
Creating lakes, rivers and streams and hydrating all cells inside.

The yellow basket is the biggest and represents the air.
Sunlight filters through the air that holds all things
Through its common breath that fills our lungs inside.

When the baskets are stacked, they create a volcano.
And all the baskets fit together inside.

Susanne V.