Love & the ecological crisis

What does Falling in Love with the Earth have to do with the ecological crisis? 

Human beings are like the fish in this cartoon.

Two little fish in the ocean. One fish swims by and asks, “How is the water?” The other says, “What the heck is water?”  

We have, as human beings in a capitalist, techno, digital, industrial, individualistic culture, a woefully inadequate knowledge of our dependent embeddedness within all of what might be described as Earth. 

Hence, how we actualize ourselves, take up time, space and make contributions as part of the Earth is dramatically and destructively out of sync with the myriad interconnecting systems within which we are sustained.  

Setting our intention to love something or someone outside of ourselves, 62 times in 12 months, will enable us to take the world into our arms. 

Joanna Macy describes the three dimensions present when paradigm shifts occur within human culture:

  1. Actions to stop and slow damage the problem 
  2. Analysis of structural causes 
  3. Profound shifts in our perception of reality

The work of Green Exodus is supporting the shift in our perception of the Earth that is being curated by the ecological crisis. In the words of Thomas Berry, we need “to move from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner.”

By creating the conditions and noticing the impediments for falling into love with the Earth we will be changed into humans more fit for the Earth. 

  • We will be changed from aliens to Earthlings. 
  • Our Sky God will become an Earth God.
  • We will come to know ourselves, sustained and generative within the dynamic relationship driven evolution of the Earth.

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