Make a poem

Reflections from the third gathering of Becoming Eco-mystics 

The focus of the third gathering of Becoming Eco-mystics included a group reflection on our current norm of feeling separate from the Earth. We are each one thread among many in the tapestry of the biosphere: interdependent, interconnected, impacted by and impacting everything.  But we live as if this is not true, and that has consequences. The reflections from the participants around these themes may all already be a poem or perhaps they could be further choreographed.

Make a poem out of these truths — 
Or perhaps make a soup, let the truths simmer.
Maybe one line will become a keyhole.
Or perhaps, like summer leaves crispy and crunchy 
dump the whole bunch into a compost pile.  

Try and make a poem out of these truths:

What has contributed to our sense of separateness from the Earth? 


our busyness

consumer lifestyle

Colonization and the relationship with land as property

Christian Religion

a notion that money is the measure of success

our frentic lifestyle


elevating the “human” above all else

electric garage door openers — we do not engage oiur neighbors or even nature around us out doors….

lack of awareness about our connection

getting our food from a store wrapped in plastic

Death has been removed from life — the sanitation of death

Move away from most of us farming or raising our food

English as my mother tongue.


too busy to notice


Moe to urban from countryside

Illness and plagues

Believing we are not animals, that we are above animals.

“Go and subdue the earth: have dominion over it. Be masters.” (Genesis 1)

A very poor translation of be stewards, be gardeners, be caretakers.

Living in our head, forgetting our bodies that need to touch and intertwine with others and especially the ground we are on.

Dominion” theology

Not understanding the Hebrew meaning of ‘dominion’ and ‘subdue’

What is the result of this sense of separateness? 

Damage to ecosystems and watersheds

climate change


Current climate crisis…

extinction of life


Missing out on opportunities for renewed strength, as we unite each part of creation.


Loneliness and despair

Extinction of speciies


Disbelief that Earth loves us.

Destruction of the life surrounding us.

Addiction to fossil fuels…. No sense of what’s best for future generations

disconnection from God and each other

Climate refugees

Disappearance of beauty

The most technologically savvy cultures, ever. and the possibility of the end of history

increased self-centeredness… solastalgia…

Depression, ecocide, genocide, extinction events, climate crisis, not caring for animals, eating food products instead of food.

Shredding of life-giving ecosystems that we and other species rely upon

no care for the common home


Diminishment of the human experience due to loss of understanding of interdependence…….

a world imagined in the left hemisphere of the male brain