Provocative statements/generative questions

It was wonderful to enjoy the presence and participation of Bill Phipps, Former Moderator of the United Church at the Opening Ceremony of Earth Jam 2021.  Here, in point form, is how Bill described our current Ecological/Climate Crisis. These provocative statements open the space for generative questions. I have listed a few here – I am sure there are more!

1. The root of our Ecological/Climate Crisis is spiritual.

  • What does it mean when we say the Ecological Climate Crisis is spiritual?
  • What difference does it make to identify the Climate Crisis as a spiritual issue?
  • If we agree that the root of our Climate Crisis is spiritual; what will we do more of and what will we do less of?

2. We are in liminal times, and all  of our major systems (ecological, financial, governance, education, capitalism and religious) are changing, most are collapsing.

  • What does this mean and what difference does it make?
  • How does this impact us at a personal level as we are part of various collapsing systems?
  • What systems are we feeling called to be part of transforming and what systems will we step away from and allow to die?

3. We need a new story, rooted in Earth-Centred Spirituality.

  • What is the old story that we are moving away from?
  • What is the new story we are catching glimpses of?
  • What is Earth- Centred Spirituality?
  • How is Earth Jam 2021 and Green Exodus doing the work of writing a new story? How can we continue this work and join forces with others doing the same thing?

4. We need to learn to live WITHIN the limits and health of Mother Earth. This will require greatly reduced consumption and, equally importantly, the consumption which does occur needs to be equally enjoyed.   All the new technologies addressing the Climate Crisis should NOT be so we can continue living as we have been.

  • What does this look like for us, as we are part of a civilization which is probably higher maintenance than any other civilizations that has ever existed.   As described by some wise east coasters – we are at Peak Convenience!
  • What habits and possessions are we willing to relinquish?

Bill concluded with a quote from Tara Houska, which swiftly resonated with the participants; “Quite simply, I do not believe we will solar panel or vote our way out of this crisis without also radically reframing our connection with our Mother.”  All We Can Save Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and katherine K. Wilkinson