I am a student of life called to ministry, who recognizes that in each step I am a beginner. To the beautiful, developing project of Green Exodus, I bring ongoing studies in theology, ministry and eco-spirituality (MATS, 2021, MDiv, 2023). 

In Calgary’s wilder spaces, I presently facilitate gatherings to help myself and others reconnect with the sacred mystery of creation, hoping to plant a lasting Wild Church Community. To this creative project, I bring Christian and Buddhist study and practice, contemplative dialogue training, yoga philosophy, and permaculture design principles. I also support spiritual formation programming at Hillhurst United Church, and I am a ministry candidate in the United Church of Canada. 

While continuing to walk a learning path guided by spiritual traditions east and west, I more fully articulated my own theology in my graduate thesis Light in Process—an understanding of Creator as active in the conscious, ongoing processes that bring matter to life through the transformation of light.