Sits for the Planet

Making a daily habit of meditation (like the Earth depends on it!)

The lived experience of and commitment to meditative and contemplative practices is central to Green Exodus. We are giving attention to practices which enable us to:

  • let go when we want to grasp
  • welcome when we want to turn away
  • become permeable

So that we can know and be part of the life and love which is always happening within and around us.

Jess McNally, member of the Tergar Institute, is hosting weekly sits on Thursdays from 8 – 8:30 a.m. Beginner and experienced meditators are welcome.

"I am drawn to the opportunity to practice/gather in community with the intent of sitting 'for the planet.' Jess does a wonderful job of making our time together approachable for everyone because the time is guided. She has offered different ways of approaching meditation time, which I appreciate. There are a few minutes to connect at the beginning, and then to share experiences at the end, which I like. Once a week is easy to commit to and to make a part of my life. I really just like practicing in community! — Judy

The Green Exodus is convening those who, to their surprise, find themselves falling deeply in love with the Earth; profoundly touched by the Earth’s beauty, fragility and mystery. If you would like to support this work, please consider making a contribution.