Sits as the planet

8 – 8:30 a.m. Thursdays on Zoom

Sits with the Planet is a collaboration of Green Exodus and Jess McNally, who is a facilitator in the Tergar Meditation Community. Thursday mornings include a 20-minute guided meditation led by Jess that include practices based on awareness, loving-kindness and compassion. This is followed each week by a few minutes to check-in and discuss the practice. 

As part of this program, occasionally we host longer discussions after the meditation practice to consider how these practices impact our relationships with ourselves and with everything and everyone with whom we are intimately and necessarily intertwined: 

  • our relationships and communities 
  • all the myriad systems and beings that are the Earth 
  • for some of us, our relationship with the Divine


While everyone is welcome at all times regardless of experience with meditation, we also will offer introductory sessions on the first Thursday of the month, where newcomers can meet other members of the community and learn the basics of meditation practice. Please arrive 15 minutes early at 7:45 a.m., and we also plan to stay a few minutes later until 8:45 am to answer any questions.

This is a great opportunity for those who want bigger stillness in their person

  • to rest 
  • to know their interconnectedness 
  • to be awake to the aliveness of life and love that flows in us and as us — and looks like energy, clarity, compassion, creativity, connection and synergy
"I am drawn to the opportunity to practice/gather in community with the intent of sitting 'for the planet.' Jess does a wonderful job of making our time together approachable for everyone because the time is guided. She has offered different ways of approaching meditation time, which I appreciate. There are a few minutes to connect at the beginning, and then to share experiences at the end, which I like. Once a week is easy to commit to and to make a part of my life. I really just like practicing in community! — Judy