I don’t know who God is exactly. But I’ll tell you this. I was sitting in the river named Clarion, on a water splashed stone and all afternoon I listened to the voices of the river talking. Whenever the water struck a stone it had something to say, and the water itself, and even the … CONTINUE READING

Jess McNally

Biography – Jess McNally Our Special Guest during January 12 Green Exodus Gathering Jess has been meditating for over 13 years, and spent more than seven studying and practicing Buddhist meditation full time. She began in the Japanese Zen tradition and later shifted to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. During those years, she was ordained as … CONTINUE READING


My place is the off leash area where I walk Rosie. Rosie is a Havanese Poodle with ‘tude’ and a cute bootie! The off leash area is actually a secret Wild Flower Sanctuary, but don’t tell anyone! Read this poem by Wendell Berry. It is hard to have hope. It is harder as you grow … CONTINUE READING